Taiwanese Book List

Here’s a list of some English-language books, both fiction and nonfiction, for varying age groups, that a) focus on Taiwan, b) feature Taiwanese people/characters (including diaspora), and/or c) are written by Taiwanese/diasporic Taiwanese authors that I’ve read or want to read. Title hyperlinks lead to the Goodreads pages for those respective books. I will be doing detailed features on some of these books and authors later on and will link those posts here. 🙂

Last Updated: June 2017

Picture Books

Early Reader Children’s Fiction

Middle Grade Fiction

Young Adult Fiction

Graphic Novels

  • American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang
  • Boxers & Saints by Gene Luen Yang
  • Animal Crackers by Gene Luen Yang
  • Level Up by Gene Luen Yang
  • The Shadow Hero by Gene Luen Yang
  • New Super-Man: Made in China (Rebirth) by Gene Luen Yang

Adult Fiction

Historical Fiction

  • Water Ghosts by Shawna Yang Ryan
  • Green Island by Shawna Yang Ryan
  • Miah by Julia Lin
  • The 228 Legacy by Jennifer J. Chow
  • The Third Son by Julie Wu


  • The Taipei Night Market Series by Ed Lin
    • Ghost Month by Ed Lin
    • Incensed by Ed Lin

Speculative Fiction

  • How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe by Charles Yu
  • The Lives of Tao Series by Wesley Chu
  • Pearl Academy for Ungrateful Daughters by Henry Lien
  • Of Peach Trees and Coral-Red Roses” by Mina Li
  • “Dreaming Keys” by Mina Li, published in An Alphabet of Embers: An Anthology of Unclassifiables edited by Rose Lemberg


  • The Foreigner by Francie Lin
  • Terroryaki! by Jennifer K. Chung
  • The Red Chamber by Pauline Chen (Adapation of the famous Chinese novel Dream of the Red Chamber/紅樓夢)
  • A Thousand Moons on a Thousand Rivers by Hsiao Li-Hung and Michelle Wu (translation of the famous Taiwanese novel 千江有水千江月)


  • Wealth Ribbon: Taiwan Bound, America Bound by brenda Lin
  • Lucky Girl by Mei-Ling Hopgood
  • Final Exam: A Surgeon’s Reflection on Mortality by Pauline W. Chen
  • My Country Versus Me: The First-Hand Account by the Los Alamos Scientist Who Was Falsely Accused of Being a Spy by Wen Ho Lee
  • My Fight for a New Taiwan: One Woman’s Journey from Prison to Power by Annette Hsiu-lien Lu (Autobiography/memoir of Taiwan’s former Vice-President 呂秀蓮)

History, Geography, and Politics

  • Taiwan: A Political History by Denny Roy
  • Maritime Taiwan: Historical Encounters with the East and West by Shih-Shan Henry Tsai
  • Taiwan’s Struggle: Voices of the Taiwanese by Shyu-tu Lee, Jack F. Williams
  • The Mapping of Taiwan: Desired Econmics, Coveted Geographies by Jerome F. Keating
  • Politics of Difference in Taiwan (Routledge Research on Taiwan) by T.W. Ngo, Hong-zen Wang
  • Women’s Movements in Twentieth Century Taiwan by Doris Chang
  • Women in Taiwan: Sociocultural Perspectives By Ya-chen Chen

Language and Culture

  • The Food of Taiwan: Recipes from the Beautiful Island by Cathy Erway
  • Taiwan Tales: One Country, Eight Stories: a Multicultural Perspective by Patrick Wayland and Katrina Brown
  • Tales from the Taiwanese (World Folklore) by Gary M. Davison
  • Voices From the Mountain by Hulusman Vava, Auvini Kadresengan, Badai
  • The Ethnic Groups, Languages and Migration of the Formosan Natives by Paul Jen-kuei 李壬癸 Li, Noah Sauvé
  • Linguistic Aspects of Taiwanese Southern Min by Ching-Hsiun Lin 林慶勳, Robert Fox, Raung-fu Chung 鍾榮富
  • Handbook of Romanized Taiwanese & Hokkien by David L. Chen
  • Taiwanese Grammar: A Concise Reference by Philip T. Lin